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How I got here

I was born in Vienna, where also almost all of my early acting happened. It began with the quirky little role of Puk in Hermann mit der Schneeschaufel, which won the Vienna Fright Nights Filmfestival 2014 Slver Hand for "best mutilation scene" - getting my eyeball shot in with a chestnut and subsequently getting my head smashed in by a snow shovel - good times.

In the following years I got valuable know-how through big roles in small projects and small roles in big projects. Most notably, Jan Woletz, Christoph G. Dertschei and Stefan Polasek took me under their wings for one of the most ambitious projects in Austrian filmhistory: Wienerland (2014-).

The experience gained and the friendships forged during this production are irreplaceable and of the highest value. Other important Projects were "Citadel (2017)" and "Für dich dreh ich die Zeit zurück (2017)", which marked my first appearance on Austrian TV.


During these years I tried to broaden my skills with the help of many teachers, the most important of which you will find in the network section of this site.

Returning from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2018, I got signed by Screenactors and was Cast as Sebastian Kurz in ARD's "Die Getriebenen" about the refugee crisis 2015.

Also, heres a big Photo Project in the works with Maria Loewenstein: The house man. You can find the first pictures on my instagram, though we will have a big release in the near future.

Broading my creative spectrum even further, I am currently working on my bandproject: Wetapunga

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